Fixed Asset Audits

RGIS asset tagging and data collection services can help you determine exactly what fixed assets you have, where they are, and their financial value.

With proven successes in all types of fixed asset inventories, it’s no surprise that more organizations, in more places, trust RGIS to provide the information and insight they need to fully understand their fixed assets and make better business decisions.

Assets can be virtually anything. In addition to machinery, furniture, vehicles and office equipment, we have counted everything from fine art and monuments to medical devices and surgical supplies. We’ve also performed inventories in hazardous places, including hundreds of feet below ground and in radioactive areas in order to get a complete fixed asset audit.

Before we count a single item, we meet with you to discuss the project expectations and requirements. We research available options and devise a step-by-step strategy
to accurately and efficiently perform your inventory. Once a plan of action is agreed upon, we provide the necessary staff and start counting.

Most of our asset inventories performed consist of small teams of trained fixed asset auditors to perform the tasks required for your specific inventory. If you have a pending deadline, we can ramp up operations and increase the number of auditors to ensure the inventory is completed in the time allotted.

Identification is a huge part of accurately capturing inventory data. While counting your assets, we can tag them with barcodes making it easier to track and identify them in the future. We are careful not to damage items while tagging and even offer an engraving option.

If you do not currently have software to track your asset inventory, RGIS can help you select the package that best fits your needs, including options that are compatible with Excel® and other software applications.

Pharmacy Stocktakers

RGIS pharmacy stocktakers can help you economically capture and maintain accurate pharmacy inventory data for both your retail space. We also provide the resources necessary to optimise and improve your selling space.

Get the most out of your pharmacy inventory service provider:

  • Our procedures, technology and training all focus on increasing inventory accuracy
  • We offer support services designed to leverage your inventory and strengthen your bottom line
  • Flexible scheduling – we’re available day or night to minimize disruption to your store
  • Research – we evolve our services and technology based on customer feedback
  • Customized solutions – tell us your inventory goals and we can help you achieve them
    To speak with us and learn more about how we can make a difference for your retail brand, contact RGIS today.

RGIS, the World’s Leading Stocktake & Inventory Service Provider

Get smarter with your inventory.

RGIS, the world’s and Australia’s leading inventory service provider, takes you beyond the count with integrated inventory services that include physical stocktake counts, fixed asset tagging, supply chain audits and asset optimization. With proven successes in all aspects of retail, healthcare and manufacturing  inventory, it’s no surprise that more organizations, in more places, trust their inventory data with  RGIS.

RGIS has a global presence with more than 400 offices, employing more than 20,000 stocktakers. With customers ranging from independent businesses to the largest retail chains in the world.  Australia’s largest stocktake company, RGIS has 18 offices across Australia and is the most respected name in the stocktaking business.