Certified Practising Valuer

RGIS employs members of AVAA, Auctioneers and Valuers Association of Australia who are CPV, Certified Practising Valuers

An RGIS CPV, Certified Practising Valuer can give a fair and unbiased appraisal of any organisation’s assets and equipment. From school equipment to office technology and infrastructure, a certified practising valuer is most qualified for the task.


RGIS typically are engaged to do valuations for the following reasons:

  • Sale of Business – Typically a market value or depreciated replacement cost is applied.
  • Taxation – Typically a market value or depreciated replacement cost is applied, but reinstatement value is often also supplied.
  • Insurance – Typically a reinstatement value is supplied.


There are typically two types of asset reconciliation types:

  • With a depreciation schedule – This can be very difficult due to the following lack of information in the schedule:
    • Insufficient information – No make, model, serial number or location detail
    • Lines Bulked – Sometimes assets are added to a depreciation schedule as a bulk line (e.g. “Furniture”, “Computer x 24”, “XYZ Procet” ). These assets either have to be split before reconciling, or cannot be reconciled at all
    • Miscategorising – If an asset is categorised incorrectly it is sometimes overlooked in the reconciliation
  • With an asset register – This is usually easier to reconcile against as most asset registers have more detail than depreciation schedules, however the same matching problems can arise.

Ultimately the type of asset audit conducted is up to the client, and as can be seen from the two case studies, they usually combine a combination of both reconciliation and valuation, usually with barcodes attached, except for sale of business valuations.

Case Study

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