Retail Store Compliance Audit Sample input form

The RGIS retail store compliance audit process starts with understanding the requirements for your brand or corporate image.

Based on your needs, our retail store compliance auditors will visit each of your locations and conduct the compliance audit. The results of the retail compliance audit are then immediately sent back to RGIS for analysis and preparation of reports.

Petrol Site Compliance Audit

Site Name


1) Are the price boards clean and maintained?

2) Is there a filled water bucket and squeegee at each fuel pump island?

3) Are any pump islands missing current promo toppers or bollard covers?

4) Are the floor mats clean and tidy?

5) Are all the overhead working properly?

6) Are shelf labels placed below the corresponding product?

7) Is the coffee machine area clean and tidy?

8) Are the cool drinks doors free from used tape or sticker residue?

9) Are the hand washing facilities in working order in the toilet?

10) Are the counter and store room doors locked and closed?

Leaderboard for Retail Fuel POS Compliance

1. Coles Express Hallam-80 Points
2. Surrey Hills-70 Points
3. Bentleigh United-60 Points
4. Mark-0 Points
5. Mark-0 Points

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Client Satisfaction Survey

Rating your stocktake today on these elements from 1 (worst) as the lowest, to 5 (best) as the highest.


1) Was our Stocktaker on time?
2) Was our Stocktaker courteous?
3) Was our Stocktaker on effecient?
4) Was our Stocktaker on accurate?
5) Did our Stocktaker follow the procedures?