RGIS Auditor Pre-employment Aptitude Test

INSTRUCTIONS: Please read carefully.

This is a timed test to help us determine your ability to perform the work involved in the position you are applying for. The job of an auditor requires accurate counting in an efficient time frame.

You will have 15 minutes to complete the test. You may use a scrap paper for calculations.

There are two sections to this test, the first with 40 problems and the second with 25 problems – answer as many as you can.

Please look over the sample problems on this page which are examples of what you will find once you begin the test.

Section 1:

Count each item in these illustrations:

Count these items

Section 2:

Perform these basic mathematics problems:

3 for $7.99 = ___    4 for $11.97 = ___

Add: 24.88 +5.67=___ Multiply: 1.29 x 24 =___

Remember: Work accurately, as fast as you can. You have 15 minutes (you must submit your answers before the timer runs out). Cick on the “Begin Test” link below.

Good Luck.